President Bolsonaro of Brazil Gets Massive Support from the People

In despite of the criminal narrative in the international mainstream media, President Bolsonaro has massve support from the Brazilian people, which was clearly shown in yesterday’s (May, 1st) demonstrations throughout the country.

Millions of people took the streets last Saturday (1st), Labor Day in Brazil, showing massive support for President Bolsonaro.

The main call was “I authorize you, President Bolsonaro“, in response to his recent statement that “the power belongs to the people. I’m waiting for the people to give me a go”, check #EuTeAutorizoPresidente hashtag on Twitter.

As the Brazilian Supreme Court has usurped power in the country right at the beginning of the pandemic crisis, Bolsonaro was emptied of his power. His ideas of the use of early measures as a response policy to fight the covid-19 crises were promtly shut down by Justice Alexandre de Moraes, who’s handled power to the governors and mayors.

As a result, billions of dollars were spent on Chinese ventilators and equipments, several accounts of corruptios have appeared in almost all of the 27 states.

Mainstrean Media is Lying to You

A disastrours policy by Governor Dória of São Paulo has left nearly a hundred thousand corpses piling up in the state only.

Big Pharma twisted our contry’s arms pushing imoral conditions to provide their “solution”, national media blames Bolsonaro for the deaths, illegal arrests are in place, including lawmaker Daniel Silveira (for a youtube video), journalist Oswaldo Eustáquio and activist Sarah Winter.

The international mainstream media joined the chorus with lying headlines, which forced me to issue an open letter to CNN USA.

An illegal Chinese lobby was uncovered by former Minister of Foreign Relations Ernesto Araujo and massive attacks on Brazilian climate policies are based on false facts, with George Soros using his mentally illed puppet Greta Thunberg as a front.

Brazil and Bolsonaro Under International Attack

All of these moves show an international coup being forced in Brazil by global economic interests that use the ideological leftist parties as their local soldiers, as they have done in so many other countries, including the United States in 2020.

Brazil has a resilient population, with strong and permanent Christian values, which makes the country the world’s toughest to install a communist-marxist agenda, which these days walks around by different denominations such as “social democracy” or “social progressism”.

Checks and balances in Brazil are failing to work, due to the Judiciary’s strong arm, not only arresting people under “National security” label, but releasing convicted corrupt politicians from prision, including lula, whose 2 accounts were rendered null and void in recent weeks.

Brazilian democracy is in serious jeopardy and without this popular support, a recently discovered coup d’Etat attempt could have been successful.

A group of right-wing, conservative, Christian people have joined me to build a Right-wing organization called Direita São Paulo, which purposes are to form a new political class in Brazil as well as public managers to occupy several places in the State structure.

Direita São Paulo, organização da sociedade para ações políticas reais
Direita São Paulo, organização da sociedade para ações políticas reais

César Cremonesi

Porphirio, política, economia, sociedade, direita

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