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It is with great pleasure that I present you Porphirio, my personal initiative to open a new channel dedicated to the conservative opinion in Brazil and worldwide.

Throughout the last months, I’m noticing a growing annoyance, in the typical Brazilian citizen, towards the state of things in Brazil. Towards the state and municipal responses to coronavirus, towards the imaginative narratives imposed by mainstream media, towards the politically correct. From my tennis partners to delivery guys that come around. From big and small businessman to retail sales people.

In a similar way, I’m also witnessing this indignation amongst people in many countries, through social media interaction and from friends and family who live abroad.

They are people, whose voices are being heard in their little social circles only, that find no unison anywhere else.

People whose values, ways and customs find no echo in the mainstream media and, to the contrary, values that are being attacked under the disguise of a progressivism, as a synonym of ideas that promote the evolution in a society, therefore antagonizing an imaginary reactionary and retrograde conservative view of the world.

Porphirio proposes itself as a channel for thinking, study, debate and opinion about the state of things in Brazil and in the World, from a point-of-view that is aligned to traditions, ways and customs of the typical Brazilian person, conservative, Christian, as well as the citizens of other countries who share this view of the world.

Basis of Thought

Porphirio’s basis of thought lies in the search for understanding of social, economic and political moments in Brazil and in the world in the light of the facts, the reality as it presents itself.

In the best of my intellectual abilities and in the abilities of those that, perhaps become an Porphirio partner, it is established here our commitment to maintain an anchor in the reality of the facts to question and think about the things of the world.

Not every question will be promptly answered, some will never be answered.

Porphirio also firms the commitment to oppose, in an incisive fashion, things that present themselves as globalist, progressist, marxist, communist agendas (and other that, even under other denominations, show support or omission of opposition of such agendas), in the parts where they impose radical changes in our values and customs, disobedience of the Christian tradition, closure of debates and the suppression of the free manifestation of ideas and prior restraints.

Target Audience

In these last five years, a spontaneous reaction against the globalist, progressists (and the likes) agendas spread across the globe, with its most apparent face being the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016, in the United States and of Jair M. Bolsonaro in Brazil, 2018.

Since the election of the American president, a highly violent response came around with the purpose of stopping the wave that was understood as “conservative”, which couldn’t prevent the election of the Brazilian president and of other European presidents.

The arising of coronavirus in 2020 is then used as a support basis to install mediatic narratives based on global health authorities, whose narratives served as support basis to the installation of state sponsored authoritarian response, through the suppression of civil rights on behalf of “health” and “life”.

I call them “typical Brazilian people” (as well as other country’s) the average Brazilian person, that, today, is in full bloom state of rage against this state of things, from the most diverse social classes, the audience to whom Porphirio’s ideas are addressed to. I hereby commit myself with the maintenance of an accessible language to the audience, but keeping a certain level of formal sophistication that can transmit my intellectual capacity to oppose myself to what I want and to defend what I wish for with my credibility.


Porphirio, as a brand, was created on the basis of an old wish I have and it’s aligned, marketing wise, as it relates, in people’s imaginary, with something traditions, maybe a little “too old” and that sends us to our ancestors, who were the sources of the teaching of our traditions, ways and customs that have guided the behavior of generations.

For many years I have this wish of honor my late grandfather, Porphírio Cardozo Novaes, whose life was market by the devotion to Catholicism, to charity and assistance to the poor and to the conveyance of the Catholic and conservative traditions to the next generation, landing in my generation and going forward to two more after my own.

Porphírio Cardozo Novaes, born in 1901, father of 8, was a remarkable tailor in the city of Campinas until his passing in 1963. He was the taylor of the most notorious doctors in town, earn his and his family’s living through it and was dedicated to charity and assistance to the poor with or without the help of the church.

Since my early years until today, in my 47 years of life, my mother has been transmitting his values and teaching, many times referring to facts, stories and teachings of her father, known as Seo Porphirio.

This conveyance of values throughout generations and within family cores is what I would call as a “tradition”. In extent, the maintenance of this tradition ends up conserving a set of values, ways and customs, hence the term “conservative”.

These teachings are kept intact in their deepest, more fundamental aspects, based in a catholic tradition, but they do not prevent the adoption of more superficial values coming from society’s own evolution, from the development of new knowledge, from science, techonology and the media.

Said conservative, therefore, ties himself to the deepest values while evolves in more superficial ones, thus, society, as a whole, transforms itself in a gradual way, with new values being incorporated to our behavior, as long as they don’t conflict with the deepest values.

In a very simple way, a typical Brazilian person prays, goes to church, don’t steal or kill, as taught. This same person, however, don’t use hats and bow ties anymore as they used to back in 1920. The Porphirio Icon has the purpose of symbolically retrieving the “source” of our traditions, values, ways and customs. In my case, my grandfather, whose teachings transcended his material existence and landed on me through my mother.

About me

I’m César Cremonesi, Brazilian, engineer graduate from Unicamp (1995), 47, father of a 10 years old girls, from a Catholic family.

I work as a small business consultant in the city of Campinas – Brazil, and started a wall frame online store, with the understanding that the response policies against coronavirus would be extended for long months, as we can now witness.

This was the way that, within my abilities, seemed to be the best move to complement my income after the drop in the number of businesses interested in a consulting service in the middle of an economic chaos installed by our state government in São Paulo.

The idea to start Porphirio arises as my personal alternative to speak out. Specially to thousands of people that think like me, but that cannot speak out openly for a variety of reasons. From pure shyness, to the practical impossibility of having a clear position inside of a Company’s Board.

I am active in social media for both personal and professional uses. Twitter, for instance, is being reduced to shallow discussions and the fight of right versus left, which is necessary, but not enough. I believe that I have more to add to the world than simply respond to swindlers on Twitter.

Recently, I started Prof. Olavo de Carvalho’s Philosophy Online Curse, due to my eagerness to find some sort of minimally logical explanation to what we’ve been going through.

The relief I had with the early classes, given back in 2009, was rapidly replaced by the perception that we are going to have a very long fight ahead.

And we need to take spaces with our ideas, defending what we stand for, explaining, questioning, learning.

If it is God’s will, my daughter is going to live for 80 or 90 years. She will inherit the world we will leave in our wake. If we don’t succeed, I want her to know what I fought for.

César Cremonesi

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Sobre o Autor

César Cremonesi é engenheiro, empreendedor, consultor de negócios e aluno de Olavo de Carvalho. Fundador da Porphirio, cujo propósito é o de levar conscientização política para a sociedade, com pensamento de direita, que trata os conceitos a partir de sua relação com a estrutura da realidade. Conservador, apoiador de Bolsonaro e dos Valores Permanentes do brasileiro.