João Dória: The Paulicéia Butcher

With 34,000 deaths under maximum lockdown, 80,000 corpses total, loss of jobs and bankruptcies, João Doria and his Contingency Center for COVID-19 run a carnage in the State of São Paulo, Brazil.

Response policies adopted in São Paulo, mainly by supression of liberties as solely tool, meet the cold stainless steel table of reality.

Lying down, over this table, 80,000 victims of a carnage. People, to whom – by the orders of the totalitarian governor – early treatment were not even offered as an option.

Official Data Confirm the Humanitarian Disaster

I’ve carried out an study with official data gathered directly from Brazilian Health Ministry and they show, in a clean way, that the response policies adopted in São Paulo did not work.

I will refrain from speculating about the validuty of the data sent by the SP government to the Ministry, even though there are unconfirmed information about inflation of covid numbers in the state.

São Paulo Holocaust Timeline:

I was interested in checking out the evolution in the number of cases and deaths in the State of São Paulo during time and searching for relevante facts of the perior.


We are 30 days from the 2nd round of the 2020 municipal elections and Governor Dória was working to get his protégé / puppet Bruno Covas elected.

Covas was under severe questioning for the disastrous response policies he had enforced during the pandemic, such as the prohibition of cars which resulted in a massive over croweded public transportantion.

Nov/11 to nov/10/2020 – The Blackout

We are at 10 days from the 2nd round, Bruno Covas fighting for the City of São Paulo, just as other 500 mayors were trying to get reelected or to make their successors.

Between the 6th and 10th, data on new cases and death were not being sent to the Health Ministry. The “convinient incident” helped – intentionally or not – to take the pandemic out of the view of the electorate.

Nov/13/2020 The Lie

Just 2 days before the elections, Governor Dória firmly denied an intention to shut down the states economy after the election.

At this point, number of daily cases and deaths have already doubled compared to mid-october, with daily average of 10,000 new cases and deaths already flerting with the 300 mark.

It was undoubtly known by the population, that the numbers were rising rapidly, but not a single policy was enforced during this period, coincidental with a critical election period.

Nov/16/2020 The “Denialist” Party

On the day after the reelection of his political puppet, Doria attends a huge celebratory party, with hugh gathering and “negationism” about the risk both of them have submitted 45 million people, who trusted their lives to the governor in the ballots.

Christmas and New Year. The Flasher Lockdown

Oriented by his Contingency Center, João Dória then enforces lockdowns only around Christmas and New Year’s eve, which I denominated the “Flasher Lockdown”. Without any parallel in an minimally successful previous experience, the governor locked the state down and took off to his luxury condo in Miami for the festivities.

At this moment, we are with a total of 7,705 deaths between 10/16 and 12/22. From this point on, restrictions picks up and the carnage accelerates vigorously.

2021 – The Massacre

Along with the reduction of the number of ICU beds in September 2020, acording to THIS ARTICLE , the State of São Paulo found itself unprepared for the upcoming covid-19 second wave, which was being annouced worldwide, but was denied as a possibility for electoral reasons by Governor Doria.

Chaos is installed in São Paulo and the number of deaths explodes.

Reality, at this poing, coudn’t be darker. With an extreme lockdown in effect and death tolls rising, there are no more barriers to stop Doria’s slaughterhouse, unless with a rupture with the present policy and the adoption of war-like emergency measures.

It is imperative that Governor Doria and the São Paulo lawmakers ingress with a urgent request for FEDERAL INTERVENTION in the state’s health management. Or the State of São Paulo will become a meat house in open skies.

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