Illegal China Lobby in Brazilian Congress Exposed

Brazilian Minister of Foreign Relations Ernesto Araújo exposed an illegal lobby orchestrated by China in collusion with Brazilian Congressmen.

On Sunday, 28th, Brazilian Minister of Foreign Relations Ernesto Araujo tweeted about a meeting with Senator Katia Abreu (PDT), that occurred on March, 4th.

According to his account, the senator told him that “if you make a move for 5G, you will be king in the Senate”.

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The “move for 5G” is related to Chinese Tech company Huawei’s intention to take Brazilian 5G infrastructure, that it is still under planning.

After several countries have banned or are in the process of banning the Chinese company, there is the fear that Brazil is going to follow suit.

This exposé made it clear that China, i.e., the Communist Chinese Party, has coopted Brazilian Congressmen and this collusion is pushing an illegal lobby in the government.

The narrative was then inverted and either left-wing congressmen and the mainstream media are asking for the Minister’s head on a silver plate.

The state of things in Brazil is such, that if you expose an illegal activity, you might end up as the bad guy, after all. Unthinkable to the lowest IQ possible.

But a reality in a world that is coming under the Chinese umbrella.

Brazil as the last frontier for China’s intentions.

Brazil is now the last frontier for the CCP, after the takeover of the Oval Office. The DNC (US Democratic Party) is now a branch of the PCC in the United States and the agenda is going at cruise speed.

In Brazil, however, conservative President Jair Bolsonaro has incredible popular support, which renders a move to oust him, nearly impossible, as an impeachment, for example.

Although there is not one crime connected to the President, we now know that “legal process” is not a concept that likes of CCP and corrupt politicians praise.

In recent decades, China has bought a number of precious assets in Brazil, in collusion with former president and convicted felon Lula da Silva.

Among them, Energy companies, agricultural land and companies, companies in other multiple markets, logistic assets (ports, companies)

The takeover of Brazil by China is going to put the entire world on its knees: Brazil is the largest food supplier in the world (soybeans, corn), a relevant player in other commodities as iron ore, steel and precious metals that are fundamental in the manufacturing of computer processors, smartphones and other products.

Brazil is also a major player in the oil business with large reserves and the capacity of production oil derivatives.

Brazil in Context

Brazil is currently under a major second covid-19 wave, due to the slash of numbers of ICU beds made by state governors by late September, 2020. The lockdown policies, in the states, are imposing a massive violent totalitarian rule in Brasil.

Major plots to oust the Brazilian president are in play, just as it happened in the US between 2016 and 2020.

Brazilian Supreme court ruled that state governors and city mayors have the authority to make and impose the covid-19 response policies, rendering the federal authority null and void.

Photo by Alana Harris on Unsplash

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