How Curfews spreads Totalitarian rules across Brazil

State-imposed curfews spread across Brazil, as a result of awful covid responses from state governors. List of essential activities, now non-essential and totalitarian ruling is spreading across Brazil, sweetly welcome by mainstream media.

Curfew and Totalitarianism

Started this past Monday (15), under determination of the state governor João Dória, people in the state of São Paulo cannot move around the streets between 8pm and 5am on the next morning. This indecent supression of liberty is just one more among a variety of supressions of liberies inflicted to Brazilian people “in the name of health”.

In the recent history of the country, there were only a handful of moments in which curfews went into effect. All of them with the specific purpose of prohibiting minors on the streets after a deternimed hour at night. Not even during the military regime, with communist troblemakers threatening the country, there was no broad curfew like the present one was imposed.

Restrictions of freedom to come and go were already contrasting with images of packed up buses taking people to and from word during the day and the “lockdown narrative” was on the edge of precipice.

In order to back up his totalitarian ways, governo João Dória turns the lever another notch, squeezing even more the people’s skulls, already on the tyrant’s vice for over an year.

State lawmaker André Fernandes from the state of Ceara (@andrefernm), during protests against lockdowns on 03/14/21 in Fortaleza. Photo: anonymous.

The curfew joins the otherwise crystal clear supressions of individual liberties, as mandatory masks, supression of free speech, ilegal arrests and ilegal investigations.

There’s been blatant violations from State and City authorities and the Brazilian Supreme Court to Articles 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20 and 23 of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights , 1948.

Even the liberty to choose a medical treatment is being supressed by the state government, such as early covid-19 treatments, in one of the darkest, most stupid violation of rights.

According to a top physician from the city of Campinas, there is no precedent in medicine where the option of an early treatment for a disease was absolutely prohibited.

This prohibition affects mainly the people who depend on the public health services (SUS). mainstream media fails to inform that early treatment protocols are being used by private hospitals, doctors and medical care companies across the country.

There is not one article or interview on Brazilian TV where an open discussion between public and private inciatives were putting into place, for a confrontation of ideas, from which new opinions and understandings could rise.

Unimed, for instance, uses an early protocol since March, 2020 or a year now.

The question that rises: how many of the over 250,000 covid-19 victims could have been SAVED if they were given the option of an early treatment?


In a study from Stanford Iniversity , researchers Eran Benavid, Christopher Oh, Jay Bhattacharya and John P. A. Ioannidis concluded that:

It is important to understand that science is intrinsically dialetic, since the scientific development appears from opposing the established concepts and ideas.

Even Einstein’s General RElativity Theory was developed by questioning the established concept of time, that could not be streched or contracted.

And today we know time slows down for a body moving in high speed.

You can’t take a today’s scientific knowledge as absolute and definitive, especially in what regards the human sciences, such as medicine.

There are supressions of your liberty to know what is going on.

Essential Activities Discussed

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

The supression of your liberty to work, imposed by lockdowns and curfews brings us to the concept of “essential activities”, i.e, which economic activity may open because they are essential

What does “be essential” mean?

There is nothing in the Universe that is essential in itself. The concept of essentiality must be related to a purpose. Anything, concrete of abstract, can be essential to something else to happen and perfectly irrelevant for the rest of the Universe.

Water on Earth is essential for the existence of life, but means nothing when it’s frozen on the surface of a comet.

The concept of essential activity was trhown in the air since 2020, with the assumption that it is a universally known concept, related to “essential for you to stay alive”.

Under this justification, Misses Jane Doe’s little clothing store was shut down and american conglomerate McDonald’s restaurants were kept open.

To the farthest my intelectual capacity can go, I can not define a Big Mac as “essential for someone to stay alive”, no matter how much I like it, I must admit.

It was arbitrarily established, then, which would be the activities that human life depends on. Basically, activities that make or sell food, medicines, cleaning products, fuel and construction material.

This is an approach that reduces human life to its material aspects only. Being fed and with access to medicine it’s all you need to stay alive.

But are those the only “essential activities” in respect to health?

The Concept of Health

Photo by bady abbas on Unsplash

Another concept that is deemed universally know without being it is health.

Although many people still relates health as the absence of a physical illness, the concept of health means “physical, mental/emotional and social well being”.

This is so tru that the Constitution of the World Health Organization itself afirms that “health is a complete state of physical, mental and social well being, not just the mere absence of a disease or illness.

And it goes further,

“an important implication of this definition is that mental health is far more than the absence of mental conditions.

Mental health is a state of well being, in which an individual performs his or her own abilities, can deal with tensions or normal life, can work in a productive way and is capable to contribuite to his/her community.

Mental health and well being are fundamental to our collective and individual capacities, as human beings, to think, feel, interact to each other and earn and enjoy life. Therefore, the promotion, protection and the rehabilitation of mental health must be considered as a vital worry to individuals, communities and society as a whole.

As you go keep sbmitting people to a variety of psychological and emotional pressures, in the name of the maintenance of your immediate physical health, you condemn them to other diseases that, in the long run, can present even more devastating effects to themselves.

Acording to Brazilian Federal Pharmacy Concil, there was a 14% bump in psychiatric drugs in Brasil, during the pancemic.

Needless to point out that there is a direct correlation between the consumption of these drugs and suicide cases. According to the Concil:

“(…) the worry with the rise in psychiatric drugs sales is reinforced by other statistica data, related to intoxications in Brazil. A research made on EXOGENOUS INTOXICATION (…) shows that the drugs go on being the main agent in the country, with 23,794 notified cases. The most serious, however, is taht people have been intoxicated in the attempt to commit suicide.

Quando há pessoas que tiram a própria a vida tendo políticas públicas que pretendem salvar vidas como um dos fatores contribuintes, então chegamos a um estado de coisa realmente impensável.

Brazilian Federal Pharmacy Concil

Under this broader understanding, “essential activities” are absolutely any activity that you deem essential to keep your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Your work, your office, your classes, your students, the interaction with your co-workers, your gym, your bar and your trips. You are the one to decide what is essential for the maintenance of your health.

If you decide to protect yourself and quit a few activities to limit your contamination risk, it’s ok. Perfect.

That was exactly what I did back in 2012, when I had to be exposed constantly to hospital environments while keeping company to my mother in a medical treatment. I washed hands more frequently, used alcohol on the hands as well, I avoided getting to close to groups of people. I didnt get a cold in 2019.

I don’t mean, at all, to minimize the hazardous potencial of the coronavirus. But the supression of individual liberties as a “public health policy” is certainly not the best way to fight this crisis.

The constitution of a totalitarian environment will be extremely demaging to societies in the very near future.

Economy Landscape and Curfews

Brazil is on the verge of economic collapse, but people are going to realize that when it is too late.

There’s being uncontrolled rises in food and energy prices as well as local taxes.

We will soon be undergoing a period of stagflation, i.e., stagnated economy with rising inflation, which is the nightmare for any policy maker.

This kind of cost-pushed inflation, however, tends to be temporary as the cost of energy cannot last forever.

But how many people can afford the luxury of waiting?

Tolitarianism in the Name of Health

Photo by Shalom de León on Unsplash

We are now facing a state of totalitarianism, especially in state and municipal policies with support of the Brazilian Supreme Court.

Brazilian Supreme Courte supressed the power of the federal executive branch to formulate policies to fight the pandemic.

There is the real and present danger that this state of behavior control and supression of liberties (plural) last too long, for the people’s mental and emotional health, or last forever and we will never have those liberties reinstalled back again.

The extension of this state of sanitary crisis leads people to adapt to a new reality that is being proposed as temporary.

How much time is needed for people to realize the temporary has become permanent?

Will people adapt to a “new normal” and won’t even realize the enourmous amoung of rights they no longer have?

Neste domingo, 14/3/2021, houve manifestações em várias cidades do país e há relatos de repressão policial e prisões de manifestantes e mais uma clara violação ao direito de manifestação no Brasil.

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