Direita São Paulo: A Right-Wing Civil Organization is Born in Brazil

Direita São Paulo was founded as a spontaneous right-wing conservative association of people and small business to play in the political arena and to enforce the power of the people in Brazilian democracy and the goals are ambitious.

On April, 22nd 2021, founders César Cremonesi (Twitter @cesarnc21) and Marcelo Rosado (Twitter @MarceloORosado) started up a right-wing / conservative organization named Direita São Paulo (Right Wing São Paulo). The initiative is born with aggressive short-term goals as well as long-term objectives to bring the right-wing voice and political presence back to the surface in Brazil.

César Cremonesi is a business consultant and entrepreneur and founded the portal Porphirio as a space for the right wing voice, whereas Marcelo Rosado is acting Chief of Staff of a city legislator (Delcinho), in the state of São Paulo

The sum of these forces is what pushed Direita São Paulo into existence, as the ambitious goals of these two men can only be achieved with organization.

There’s not only the lack of space for the conservative voice in Brazil, but an entire society searching for leadership to organize a right-wing movement. And Direita São Paulo’s going to steer this locomotive.

The Concept of Direita São Paulo

Direita São Paulo, organização da sociedade para ações políticas reais
Direita São Paulo, organização da sociedade para ações políticas reais

Direita São Paulo is being built with the association of small businessman to form a first layer of right-wing / conservative influence to which other layers will be attached to, with more business people and general population.

The idea of a right-wing network is fundamental to spread the ideas, goals and most importantly, to organize local votes in the upcoming elections in 2022.

In Brazil, the role of state legislator is left aside while the population focus on candidates for major executive branches: the president and the 27 governors. As the left-wing is structured and active for over 50 years in Brazil, the right-wing / conservative part of society lost representation in the political arena.

However, the poor performance of governor Dória’s covid-19 response policies, yielding a whooping 100,000 deaths so far, brought the State House (Alesp) to the limelight.

Most, if not all of the governor’s decisions that depended on approval of the legislative branch found absolutely no resistance to be approved. As a result, state taxes were upped, liberties are being slashed and an enormous amount of small business are facing bankruptcy.

Using its growing muscle of influence, Direita São Paulo is now approaching local politicians with the idea to vet them for the 2022 general elections. The vetting process is nothing more than identifying whether or not the person is aligned with its Permanent Values, that were established from the beginning.

After the vetting process and relationship build-up, Direita São Paulo will work on the promotion of their names through their media arms Porphirio.com (a web portal for articles), Youtube channels, social media and Telegram groups.

The network of people and business is then responsible to spread these contents down to the masses, as mainstream media’s rather see the devil itself than a conservative person walking on this Earth.

Right-Wing Conservative Permanent Values

Direita São Paulo’s Permanent Values are the drivers to any alliance to be formed in the future.

  • Defense of liberties and firce combat to State’s tyranny in any of its instances and institutions.
  • Defense of values of family, based on Brazilian traditions
  • Defense of Christian values
  • Defense of free market and support to small businesses
  • Defense of the rule of law, the Constitution and democracy as the state’s regime
  • Defense of national sovereignty
  • Combat of globalist and communist agendas


O Poder Legislativo nos entes federativos

In the short run, Direita São Paulo’s first goal is to elect a state legislator from its ranks, which demands roughly 50,000 votes and actively support other right wing runners to tak over around 20% of the State House, or 19 seats. That’s representation enough to push and block legislative agendas and tyrannic impulses of a Governor or an (that) Asian country.

In the long run, however, Direita São Paulo plans to act as a school to form future right wing leaders, prepare people to do a good job as legislators and members of cabinets.

Global-Marxist Attack on Brazilian Society

As in many countries around the world, Brazil is being targeted by the global economic power, namely metacapitalists and corporations, whose ways of subverting a country remounts to the good old KGB’s methods, that were exposed by former KGB agent yuri Bezmenov .

The ideological left wing, ofently presented by pompous names as “social democracy” or “social progressism”, is not other thing than marxist parties that are used as the “army” of such global interests to play locally.

Here in Brazil, this action is in the hands of parties like PT, PDT, PSOL and PSDB, whose most prominent faces are of former presidents Lula and Fernando Henrique Cardoso as well as the governor of São Paulo João Dória.

And no less guilty comes along China with its massive economic influence, as the country is now Brazil’s major commercial partner. China’s ways are being of buying land, energy, logistics and what have you in Brazil and if they are not slowed down, the entire world will be brought to their knees.

A Background on Brazil a Right-wing Conservative Society by Nature

Brazil has a population of 212 million people, spread across 8.5 million squared kilometers, 27 states and more than 5,000 cities.

It’s far from a simple society that could be reduced to a bunch of people who love samba and carnival, but a rather complex society that was built over 521 years with heavy influence of migrants from many parts of the world, as a safe haven from what appeared to be headed to a nuclear holocaust.

Brazil is a Federation of 27 states and a Federal District in Brasilia. The federal level is formed by the Congress with two houses (Senate and House of Representatives), the Presidency as the executive branch and a Supreme Court with 11 Justices as the judiciary one.

States and cities are formed with this same structure but under different denominations.

More content for English speakers will follow soon about the development of Direita São Paulo and with articles of all things Brazil and the world.

See you around!

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