CNN on Bolsonaro / Brazil: International Mainstream Media is LYING to you

CNN, BBC, Financial Times and the rest of Int’l mainstream media is selling the image of a Brazil under dicatorship of a “vax denialist” Bolsonaro, which is a blatant LIE.

More articles and news in English here.

I’ve received dozens of reports from Brazilians living abroad, mostly from Europe, complaining about the false news the mainstream media is sending to people regarding Brazil.

I put these videos together, so the scumbags that are promoting this can look at my eyes.


Bolsonaro has put Brazilian behind USA, India and China only in Vax

As I write down these words, president Bolsonaro tweeted that Brazil has distributed 50 million shots of vaccines and 32 million were used. Thy the 28 million weren’t used yet, is under FEDERAL INVESTIGATION, so Governors and mayors are going to face consequences.

The lies are being spread by Governor of São Paulo João Dória, whose response policy in the state has been a disaster due to the lack of ICU beds he, himself, promoted, not Bolsonaro.

I’m not going too far with this right now, but I’m now planning a non-government sponsored documentary on things in Brazil, so people of the word can receive information from the boots on the ground, not from scumbags behind counters in the mainstream media.

This global crises was sponsored and promoted by the likes of George Soros, Bill Gates, WHO and China and we are going after their interests here in Bazil quite soon. Criminal NGOs financed by Open Society Foundations are going to be brought to justice. Bill’s depopulation agenda might work for you, but not for us in Brazil.

Chinese supression of liberties WILL NOT prevail in this land and we will make sure of this, make no mistake.

People in Europe and US, Brazil is fighting its fight, thank you.

If you are handling your liberties to the State, that is you choice, YOUR PROBLEM.

Not mine, not Bolsonaro’s and sure as shit not us Brazilian people’s.

The reason why you might now dislike our president is that YOUR PRESIDENT, namely scumbags like Macron, went down on their knees to obey the aforementioned assholes’ agendas and you are now paying the price.

So if you want to know what is going on in Brazil, please, do your homework and find PRIMARY SOURCES of information. Do not allow mainstream media to edit reality for you.

In the meanwhile, we have a country to protect, liberties to save and a president to get re-elected next year, thank you very much.

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