Biden Falls, Conservative America has to Fight Back

As Presidet Biden falls, exposing his physcal weakness, Conservative America is called to fight back. They’ve opened the gates for a better world in 2016, pushed Brazil to the same path and the war has just begun

November, 2020 While Biden Was Falling…

Ask any Brazilian person and they will tell you how astonished we all were on a given November morning. I went to bed while Biden was falling, Mr. DT (dodging the cancel culture, sorry) was up there and, just as the sun showed up on the East, everything had changed.

What followed in the months after that shook up the world as the mainstream media buried everything remotely close to the truth, called the election, judiciary system failed miserably and here we are, watching the poor Mr. Biden while he falls off the stairs of the Air Force One.

This sad 2020 story must be seen as a setback, it raises the awareness of every single person in the world, who cherish and promote our conservative values, ways and customs.

2016 – American People’s Great Service to the World

I must confess that by 2016, no much of what was going on in the USA caught my attention.

I was just waiving off a nasty 3-years depression, that almost got me six feet under and trying to come back to life after a family tragedy. Things that make you forget about politics altogether.

I could, however, “notice” that the United States had elected Mr. D President and, as far as I could remember, he was just that guy, you know. The billionaire, all the fanfare and the brand, i remember thinking “these guys in America can do things like that” and I put this thing to rest in my mind.

Few months later, news were popping, such as, record employment levels, record Dow Jones, record economic growth, the USA putting China back in its place, hand shakings with North Korea. It really caught my attention and I started looking into the US situation more closely.

At this time, Brazil was just entering a Presidential election period and, with great influence of what Americans’ done, we pulled the trigger on the left, red, stinking corrupt Partido dos Trabalhadores and got Jair Bolsonaro, a conservative, ex-Army man elected President of Brazil.

2018 – Conservative President Bolsonaro in Brazil

Bolsonaro has won popular support with his blunt sincerity, strong words and strong defense of conservative values, such as criminalization of abortion, absence of gender ideology in schools, right of bear legal guns for self-defense and so forth.

In his economic platform, a liberal agenda with strong tax reform, social security reform, privatizations, free market and the halt in advertising expenditures that have sustained Brazilian mainstream media for decades.

Bolsonaro spent measly R$ 2,8 million (US$ 722,000 at the time) for his campaign and got a surplus of R$ 1.5 million (US$ 387,000) which he would donate if our legislation allowed.

Top money burners were Henrique Meirelles with R$ 44 million and Lula-backed candidate Haddad with R$ 40 million.

As Bolsonaro had joined a small Party, he had almost no TV time if compared to other top runners. His solution was using social media to promote his ideas, making poorly produced lives on his personal channel on Youtube, which turned out to be a success among the people.

People were finally able to see a man talking instead of a Hollywood-standard 20 minutes Full-HD political advertising.

Photo by Poder360

Murder attempt

Moment Candidate Bolsonaro is stabbed by Adelio Bispo, Sept 6th, 2018

On September, 6th, 2018, during a rally in the city of Juíz de Fora, Bolsonaro was stabbed in his abdomen, rushed to a hospital and his life hanged by a thread. Took nearly 3 liters of blood, went through 3 surgeries and faced weeks in hospital.

Bolsonaro at hospital after murder attempt by leftist Adelio Bispo

The stabber, leftist, PSOL-associate Adelio Bispo was arrested on the spot and later deemed “mentally incompetent to stand trail”, sent to a psychiatric facility in one of the most scandalous decisions in the history of Brazilian criminal law.

Bolsonaro elected President of Brazil

Bolsonaro was elected with 57 million votes on the second round of the election, winning against blatant fraudulent electoral polls and vicious media criticism.

2020 – 2021 Conservatives Under Attack

Mainstream media conglomerates such as Brazilian Rede Globo and American CNN Brasil started a cruel campaign against the government since its early days.

False narratives, distorted stories, biased comments are far from being unknown to the American people, I’m sure.

It all intensified fast with the coming of the pandemic and Big Techs joined the club censoring Right-wing alternative medias as Terça Livre, PhVox and others as well as comments in posts in Facebook and Twitter.

No matter how strong the media and the big techs are, Bolsonaro’s popularity keeps rising. Brazilian people is fed up with the leftist agendas, narratives, corruption and criminality.

What lies ahead in Brazil

In my opinion, this fight is far from over. Given the scandalous electoral process in the US, in 2020, I see Brazil following the same track.

Vicious attacks from mainstream media, cancel culture at its best, criminal interests moving around, as Foro de São Paulo, narco-dictator Maduro and drug/guns-based Brazilian organized crime syndicates.

I see three ways it can go down from now to prevent Bolsonaro from winning in 2022:

  • Brazilian corrupt judiciary system “finds a way” to impeach President Bolsonaro;
  • A second muder attempt;
  • Widespread electoral fraud, as Brazilian electoral system – now get this – cannot be audited. It just can’t. There is no possibility of vote recounting in Brazil.

A very possible return of Mr. D to the political arena in 2022 and possible winning in 2024 are on the plates of the American people and the conservative movement around the world must be strengthened with our individual day-to-day action.

We must expose false narratives, totalitarian ways of the left-wing and promote our values, ways and customs as the social fabric of both Brazil and the United States are mostly conservative.

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